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Green Leaves

Islam & SDGs

By 2030, progressively we need to achieve the continuous sustainability and economic growth in the world thru SDGs. The Islamic law emphasizes on economic growth through a proper economic system for achieving a continuous sustainability in the world.

The Relevance of Islamic Micro-finance in
achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

The Contribution of Islamic Banks towards the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals: The Case of Indonesia

Islamic Law and Sustainable Development Goals

The Islamic Approach to Conserving Biodiversity For Global Sustainability: An Exploration

A New Approach for Sustainable Development Goals in Islamic Perspective

Islamic Finance And The SDGs: Framing the Opportunity

Unlocking Private Climate
Finance in Emerging Markets

SDG Investor Map Turkey

Promoting Sustainable Finance and Climate Finance in the Arab Region

The Sustainable Development Goals From a Shariah Perspective

Preserving Human–Nature’s Interaction for Sustainability: Quran and Sunnah Perspective

Making Peace With Nature

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