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Impact Investing

Impact investing have enhanced the bond between businesses and society as it is focused on steering investments towards projects that generate social and environmental benefits. The market reached $715 billion in assets under management in 2020, as per the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and is expected to grow in the next decade as the need after COVID19 for such projects is imminent to achieve the SDGs. Nevertheless, technology can assist impact investment projects to achieve the desired milestones for resilience like measuring and recording impact, while providing transparency and accountability. At WWD, we are focused on taking projects in bringing benefits to social and environment communities in providing the right technological suite for investors and the market.

Innovation in Action

Project led by Dr.Nida Khan (NashFinTech)

Challenge: Enable transparency in Zakaah managed through a Waqf


Solution: Zakaah transactions through a smart contract in Ethereum

Decentralized donation app on Ethereum

Study was conducted on the optimum architecture for a Zakaah platform on blockchain and smart contracts were coded on Ethereum ad a chaincode for Hyperledger to realize the best possible solution. A fully functional prototype was developed and tested on Ropsten testnet of Ethereum. Insights from the work can be read on the link below.

Architecture of Waqf-Zakaah Ethereum Dapp
Source: PhD thesis, Dr. Nida Khan
Dr.Nida Khan discusses the role of blockchain in impact investing


Blockchain-Based Impact Tokens
Tokenization of Forests
NFTs of Property Titles in Waqf
AI Logistic Tool to Combat Food Waste
AI-Based ESG Data Analysis
Smart Contracts For Transparency
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