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Waqf Communities

We are addressing various communities and ensuring the broader scope of activities are delivered to, whether for the use of Muslim communities and religious activities - all directing towards improving and strengthening the development of social and economic conditions in our society.

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Waqf Talks

What are your plans, dreams and aspirations on the Waqf? Speaking is also contributing to the Waqf as you are creating awareness and on World Waqf Day, July 1, 2022, we can inspire each other and, collectively, the Waqf beneficiaries with dignity.  

Waqf Preneurs

The concept of Waqf can be said to be 1400 plus years and is about impacting and uplifting neighborhoods, communities, state, society, economy and, eventually, humanity. The well meaning stakeholders involved in the Waqf are 'disruptive change agents' motivated to make a meaningful and dignified  difference in the life, lives and livelihood of others. 


Today, such motivational impact may be viewed as social impact entrepreneurship and impact philanthropy, hence, alignment for common purpose and objective.


If you are a social entrepreneur (SE), from a startup founder to micro-enterprise to SME,  you are a Waqf Entrepreneur (WE), and at World Waqf Day, we celebrate you and want the world to know of your contributions.


Let the world benefit from your noble efforts. 

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Waqf Interviews

Real lives, real people with different experiences. 

Waqf Blog

Speak by way of a blog, video blog, podcast, tik-tok video, and so on, as everyone is entitled to be heard.

Travel Blogs
Press Conference Microphones

Waqf News & Events

Get the latest on Waqf.

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