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SHARIAsourceProgram in Islamic Law at Harvard Law School, that aims to provide comprehensive content and context on Islamic law in a way that is accessible and useful. It is a Portal into the digital world of Islamic legal studies and related tools from data science and AI in organizing the world’s information on Islamic law.

Travel Blog

IBF Net is pleased to bring to you the thoughts and reflections of Dr Mohammed Obaidullah in the form of blogs. Dr. Obaidullah, Founder of IBF Net is currently serving the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) of the Islamic Development Bank Group as Lead Economist.

Praying In Mosque

GlobalSadaqah is the award winning  CSR, Zakat and Waqf Management platform; working together with stakeholders including religious bodies, foundations, banks, corporates, and the public to increase the efficiency, sustainability and impact of Social Finance.

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AWQAF was created on June 25, 2015 , with the aim of alleviating the suffering of the poorest  populations , by concentrating its forces on access to drinking water .

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