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Interview with the Founder "World Waqf Day"

One of the areas that will have the most positive impact on humanity and society is the noble #Waqf and on July 1 we  launch #WorldWaqfDay. 


#ImpactInvesting & #ImpactPhilanthropy has become a global trending phenomenon, but #Waqf has been about impact to localities, societies, and humanity in the last 1400 years. #Waqf #Greenwaqf is aligned to #SDGs.

Dr. Rushdi Siddiqui


July 1st, is historical day for us, as we launch #Worldwaqfday. This is more important to me than (when led team to launch) Dow Jones Islamic market Index in 1999 or Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Gateway in 2010, because it's about impact in perpetuity' 'benefitting those with least and needing it the most,' but with dignity.

If we combine #ESG, #SDGs, Un PRIs, Global Compact, impact investing, etc., we get the Noble #Waqf, about people, planet and prosperity. This inspires us, resetting humanity for better society, and we, especially, want the #youth learn about Waqf, address the friction in operations of Waqf (#Waqfpreneur is a social impact #startup founder).

Our international advisory board is led by Tariq Cheema, who has worked tirelessly over decades on impact philanthropy, and women like Dr. Nida Khan (Waqf and #Blockchain), Hinde Adjar (expert on #QardHassan) and Saima Ashraf (Cabinet Member for #Community Leadership & Engagement). Our board is compromised mostly of qualified #women, as gender diversity and inclusion in action. 

Take a #WaqfPledge 
Become part of #WaqfTalks & #WaqfPreneurs

Get involve in #WaqfGifts Donation-in-Kind 

We will work with Waqf organization by working with partners contributing in kind, be it generators for well water or solar powered cookers, etc., to address the needs of Waqfs.

We welcome all to be part of the journey to arrive for uplifting humanity.

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